Work With Me One-On-One to Fast-Track Your Group Travel Business Success!

During your private coaching sessions, we will assess your current business (or business ideas if you’re new to the travel industry) and work together to build your profitable group travel business from the ground, up.


Together, you and I will:

Determine what clients you should serve by clearly defining your niche and target market;

Determine a sound strategy for and make decisions about your foundational business tools such as your logo, personal branding, business cards, website, travel agent credentials, etc;

Identify potential preferred supplier partners such as resorts, airlines and cruise lines, that want to work with you NOW;

Coordinate your first group trip step-by-step by working together with suppliers and your new customers; and

Coordinate a strategic plan to help you bring high profits into your group travel business year after year after year.

Because you’ll be working with me one-on-one, we will be able to move swiftly through the process. I will help you make important decisions quickly so that you don’t get caught-up in the process. And most importantly, I will hold your hand and hold you accountable throughout the entire process.

Did you get into the travel business so that you can be in control of your time and money, but instead of enjoying a sense of freedom, you feel overwhelmed and underpaid?

If you're a new travel agent, do you need more hand-holding and guidance to get you where you want to be as quickly and easily as possible?

Do you feel like there has to be a "better way," but you're just not sure what it is?

When I first started out in the travel industry, I struggled to learn the travel agent booking systems, how to find clients and how to earn commissions. And the world seemed enormous to me. I mean, there are how many countries in the world? How many airlines? How many hotels? How can you possibly learn it all? You can't! But like you, I tried everything from booking client travel online, to network marketing programs that promised fast money and free travel. I even signed up with a host agency, only to discover that I was marketing “their” brand, not my own, on top of sharing my commissions with them while having to deal with their inflexible policies and procedures. Until one day when I started to plan a family getaway for my extended family. Originally, it was just supposed to be about 8 of us, but after word got out, we ended up with almost 40 people. I was shocked. I was amazed with the response, the ease associated with planning it, the booking process... and yes, the MONEY!

So, I officially gave up on booking individual travel and set out to re-brand my business exclusively for group travel.

My groups quickly grew to 50, 100, and even almost 200 travelers. Through years of trial and error, and LOTS of studying, investing in programs, modeling other successful businesses and of course TONS of practice, I finally learned (the hard way) the secrets of travel agent success that allowed me to travel the world and serve hundreds of clients and create a sustainable business income.

And now, I'm excited to share those secrets with you!

  • "This has by far been the most comprehensive and helpful course I have taken during my journey to learn about group travel. Not only have I learned a lot, but I feel more confident. The tools provided throughout the training ensure we walk away having made our projected profit and financial goals with our groups."
    Mia Hudson
    Divine 9 Group Travel, CEO
  • "Tamika C. Carter and the Group Travel Academy have been instrumental to launching my culinary travel business. The comprehensive learning tools are extremely easy to follow and the moral support through our Facebook community is great for bouncing ideas off of other members."
    Shamyra Edmonds
    Passport to Cuisine, CEO
  • "When I first began working with Tamika, I had no plan and was going in circles trying to run my business. I was afraid of failure and scared to succeed at the same time. I was doing everything and achieving nothing. Tamika helped me to see that I needed to start over and get clear on the end result, then work backward to achieve it."
    Samantha Taylor
    Owner, A Trip Around the World
  • "The travel industry is huge and can easily overwhelm a new agent so with Tamika's expertise and help she was able to help me perfect the area that I want to focus on in my business. I would definitely recommend other aspiring/existing travel agents work with Tamika. She's absolutely wonderful and very knowledgeable in this industry and can offer helpful tips, advice and strategies to be a successful travel entrepreneur."
    Tanekia Jones
    Travelnista CEO


Thank you for your interest in private coaching, however, our private coaching program isn't a good fit for everyone. To ensure that working with me one-on-one will be right for you and your business, please submit an application. Thank you.