Deep down inside, you already know that this is what you're meant to do.

You just don't know the right path to take to get your travel business off the ground and profitable. Well, if you're willing to share the vision you have for your business and your passion for travel, I will spend 30 minutes with you to help get you on the right path. It's YOUR time! SCHEDULE YOUR FREE TRAVEL BUSINESS MONEY MAPPING SESSION TODAY!

  • "This has by far been the most comprehensive and helpful course I have taken during my journey to learn about group travel. Not only have I learned a lot, but I feel more confident. The tools provided throughout the training ensure we walk away having made our projected profit and financial goals with our groups."
    Mia Hudson
    Divine 9 Group Travel, CEO
  • "Tamika C. Carter and the Group Travel Academy have been instrumental to launching my culinary travel business. The comprehensive learning tools are extremely easy to follow and the moral support through our Facebook community is great for bouncing ideas off of other members."
    Shamyra Edmonds
    Passport to Cuisine, CEO
  • "When I first began working with Tamika, I had no plan and was going in circles trying to run my business. I was afraid of failure and scared to succeed at the same time. I was doing everything and achieving nothing. Tamika helped me to see that I needed to start over and get clear on the end result, then work backward to achieve it."
    Samantha Taylor
    Owner, A Trip Around the World
  • "The travel industry is huge and can easily overwhelm a new agent so with Tamika's expertise and help she was able to help me perfect the area that I want to focus on in my business. I would definitely recommend other aspiring/existing travel agents work with Tamika. She's absolutely wonderful and very knowledgeable in this industry and can offer helpful tips, advice and strategies to be a successful travel entrepreneur."
    Tanekia Jones
    Travelnista CEO