Deciding on a Logo for Your Group Travel Business

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July 20, 2017
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Deciding on a Logo for Your Group Travel Business

I remember when I started my first group travel business years ago while I was still working a full-time job.  A lot of my family and friends thought I was just planning trips as a hobby.  I became known as “the girl who does the trips.” That wasn’t what I wanted.  I wanted people to see my business as a full-fledged enterprise – you know?  I specifically remember one day when I was visiting my aunt, and she said, “so, how’s your little business going?”  And it was right there in that moment that I vowed that even though my business was little– and it was because just like most of you – it was just me doing everything by myself at my dining room table – no one would ever have that perception of me or my business ever again.  I wanted me and my business to be respected. At that moment, I decided that I needed to create a visual brand for my business and I started with creating a logo that I could use on business cards, my then up-and-coming website, and flyers that promoted my events.

Over the years, I’ve have several opportunities to create new logos for each of my business endeavors… and of course, over the years, they have gotten better and better.

For my current group travel business, Caribbean Mastermind Retreats, one of the first things I think you will notice in the logo is the colors.

Okay, now let’s think about your logo.  This is really where you will start to develop the LOOK of your brand. Here, you can see where a lot of thought went into the Caribbean Mastermind Retreats logo.  The first thing you might notice is the colors.  Because the niche market is the Caribbean, I explained to the designer the importance of reflecting that in the color scheme.  So you can see how the orange sunset fades into the Caribbean blue water.  I also asked the designer to incorporate a light bulb in some way if he could, because is the symbol most recognized for the term “mastermind.”  He added the wave and palm trees inside of the lightbulb himself.  When working with designers, I try to give a little direction without infringing on their creativity because a lot of times, they are able to come up with some amazing ideas that we couldn’t have even imagined.  And if you can, try to get designs from at least two different designers because everyone’s level of creativity is different.


Even when looking at the logo for our sister organization, the International Group Travel Agents Association (IGTAA), to some, it may look plain.  And it’s supposed to look plain because IGTAA is an organization that is focused on training and resources.  But if you look at it more closely, the blue that fades from light to dark in the letters symbolize the ocean and its great depth.  And the green quarter-sphere in the A that turns to yellow as it gets closer to the end symbolizes the earth and the sun.


Developing your logo, in my opinion, really is the first step to developing the brand for your group travel business, or any business. Once you have your logo designed, you will start to get a better feel for your overall visual brand.

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